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My Life Growing Up

Posted by mandy mcmahan on August 19, 2010 at 1:30 PM

   My life has been pretty interesting. I was born and raised in Texas. We moved to Waco where I grew up. Yea..I know what you are thinking but we aren't all crazy. I instantly fell in love with horses and anything related to them. I started out playing baseball and when I didcovered softball my parents put me on a team to see if I liked it. This became my new infatuation. I played on the Midway All-Star team multiple years and in 1999 we played in and won the Little League World Series in Portland, Oregan. This was a really cool accomplishment for an 11yr old. Along the way I had a lot of support. My mimi was my biggest fan. She was at every game sitting in the front row. I always knew I could count on her. My dad coached most of my teams and my mom and sister were my cheering section. I loved softball because of pressure to not let people down who are counting on you. I feel like this is the cause of my competative nature. Things could not have been better at this point in time.



    My perfect little world came shattering down when my parents got divorced. It got even worse when my parents got remarried. Not because of the people they married (who are wonderful) but because they moved to opposite sides of the country. My mom and sister went to Virginia and my dad and I went to California. It seemed like we were on different continents. I was very sad to leave Texas, but I was excited about experiencing a new place. Oh how wrong I was...I went to the first day of middle school proudly wearing my World Series championship jacket, which would have been highly respected and liked in Texas. I was made fun of instantly for being a tom boy and made fun of for my southern accent. The kids in California didn't like me because I was different, but I didn't like that they were all the same. Nobody even took the time to get to know me until I changed the way I dressed and formed into their "bubble". I made friends but still just wasn't happy. I felt like my horse was the only true friend I had. I spent more time with him than anyone, but at least he let me know he cared. I believe it is because of him that I was able to make it through so many tough times during my childhood.  I decided to move to Virginia the summer before high school, which was also a very big change. My parents both took me living with one or the other personally, but that wasn't the case. I just wanted to fit in somewhere.


   I was shocked on my first day at school there as well. I realized while hiding behind sports and horses I had become completely sheltered to the real world outside of Irvine California. People accused me of being all kinds of things, including the assumption I was sexually active just because they were. They were mean to me because of reasons I still haven't figured out. It was my first day of high school and I hadn't even thought about kissing a boy and didn't plan on it any time soon. I had made friends over the summer who came to my rescue and once I made the Varsity softball team people started to open up to the "new girl". I am thankful I went to Culpeper because I was able to meet somebody extremely special. My best year of high school was the year I met Ronnie. I will get into that in another blog....There were alot of ups and downs in high shcool and alot of things I wish I had done differently, but it was all a learning experience and shaped who I am today. I actually went back out to California for a year and tried it one more time, but it once again didn't work. I returned to Culpeper and graduated in 2005.

   Once I left for college my life took another large turn. I had been dating a guy that I was with at the end of high school who turned out to not be very nice after all....suprise suprise. One night after I had found out very hurtful information, I went out with friends and my old buddy tequila. Once stumbling back to my apartment I walked in on my roommates weekly poker game. Low and behold there is my ex sitting there dumping chips. I muttered a few choice words under my breath, watched him lose him money (much to my enjoyment), and then went to bed. Not before noticing David...He was sitting there shuffling his chips and probably laughing to himself about the akward situation going on. There was something about him that just caught my attention. I didn't see him for awhile after that but apparently he saw me. One day while in the bookstore David was behind me while I was having a meltdown because they didn't have the books I needed. He then was walking behind me while I was letting my mom know exactly how I felf about the campus bookstore. I probably sounded like a "female dog". After a few more very strange and quite funny  run ins with each other we started dating. We instantly became the poster couple out of our groups of friends. All we did was go to class (when I drug him there), played one on one beer pong, and just had fun. We soon moved in together and things were going very first. We didn't realize until it was too late that we had moved onto the "street of breakups". Every couple that lived on that street ended their realtionship. We were the last to get hit by it out of our friends. We started fighting like cats and dogs..mainly because we were so much alike. Of course he started a job that brought a bunch of homewrecking hookers into our lives which finally ended the relationship. Even though we broke up and David had moved out we still couldn't stay away from each other. didn't help that he only moved 3 doors down. It has always been on again off again with the two of us. Its weird, but the one thing that always brought us back was poker. Whenever things got bad one of us would text the other "atlantic city on the dl?" We would leave at all hours, unplanned, and it was always a good time. We would have fun from the second we got into the car until arriving from the grueling drive back. Sometimes we would go down for a couple nights and end up staying a week. Nothing bad ever happened there when we were together. There was no fighting or turmoil...we just played poker and then had a good time. It was even more fun playing on the same table because neither of us hesitated on taking the other one out. My time in Harrisonburg was cut short though after a great Atlantic city trip followed by a devistating phone call. Thats when the next chapter in my life began.....

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