Mandy McMahan

A little about myself....

All throughout life I have tried to pick up as many hobbies and skills as I can. I feel like you won't know how much you love something until you try it. I also model on the side of work and play poker. I feel like alot of my hobbies and interests have had an impact on who I am and helped me grasp certain views on life. I grew up with different views than alot of people that I have come into contact with. I feel like kindness goes a very long way. You never know what a person is going though. A small smile could make somebody's day. The only time I am not nice to people is when I feel like they have done something that doesn't deserve to recieve kindness. I trust people until they give me a reason not to. I do believe in second chances and I am able to forgive, but I never forget....I have always been very careful and took the safe road. I have realized now, why go through life and not actually live it? Recently I have been trying new things like skydiving, random trips to vegas, and just leaving my comfort zone in general. I am defiantly living in the momets, because those are the ones with the most fun memories. I have recently had my heart broken but I still believe in love. I feel like people are in your life for a reason. Some pass through and others stay forever. I don't know what I would do without my friends and family. They have had a major impact on my life and been there when I really needed them. I can only hope that I have and can return the favor to each of them. I don't care what people think about me. I am very real and don't pretend to be somebody I am not.

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