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Behind Every Bitch....

Posted by mandy mcmahan on November 11, 2011 at 12:40 AM

It amuses me at how often and easily guys throw around the word "Bitch". In my opinion there are different levels of bitch. There is the just plain as day, in your face bitch. This is someone who is bitchy 24/7 no matter what the situation. This is probably a girl who isn't shocked when called the word because she already knows she is one. I feel like the category my friends and I fall into are the girls that are nice, but stand our ground when challenged. It's annoying when you go out of your way to be nice to people and that is taken advantage of. So yea...sometimes it is necessary to just be a bitch. Being bitchy at some point is bound to happen. Somehow a lot of you men don't understand what triggers these occurances. I'll try to fill you in on some of our major pet peeves and how to avoid bringing out the bitch in us....

If a woman talks to you like you are a three year old, unless you are three...she is being a bitch. Why? You most likely were acting like a three year old, therefore deserving the tone fitting for your mental age. The solution here would be...stop acting like a child if you don't want to be treated like one. 

If you try to purposly make us jealous of other women we will show you what a bitch is. There will always be somebody smarter, prettier, and nicer somewhere. We know this...but we also know what you are trying to do. If you are going to cheat then just go ahead and do it, because there will always be another guy who is smarter, more handsom, and nicer than you as well... 

If you tell a woman to stop talking to or hanging out with her friends she is going to get bitchy. Regardless of your opinion, when you break her heart, it's her friends that are going to be the ones there to pick up the pieces. They love her regardless of her flaws, mood swings, and probably know a whole hell of a lot more about her than you do. Don't tell her who she can and can't hang out with unless you have a death wish. We may not think your friends are so wonderful either...

Don't play mind WILL lose. Women are smarter than men. If you want to mess with our heads we are going to figure out what you are doing and play right back. How do you avoid us turning into manipulative bitches? Don't play games with somebody who plays better... 

If your girlfriend of wife gets annoyed with you because you won't let her help assemble furniture, fix a broken fence, or help with repairing's not because they are being a bitch. It is because they are trying to keep you from doing it wrong or hurting yourself because you refuse to open the instructions. How do you avoid this? If you want your man card back then start reading the directions and do it right the first time, or move over and let us show you how to do it correctly. 

If you make plans with your girl then blow her off (especially on multiple occasions) to do other things, expect her to be a bitch. When you make plans with somebody you should actually show up. How about we reverse the roles and let you get excited, get ready, and then leave you sitting on the couch waiting around all night by yourself. If you flake then don't bother calling because you will most likely only be speaking to voicemail. Also, don't expect us to stay sitting on that couch. The date night you just flaked on just turned into girls night out or somebody else's date night. 

Don't lie to us. Plain and simple...If we catch you lying, then expect to be called out on it. If you continue to lie after we already know you are lying, well that's just asking for trouble. If you think you are smart enough to lie, then be ready to deal with the aftermath and the break in trust you just caused. 

If you accuse us of lying and being deceptive when actually you are the one being sketch-tastic then be ready for the massive shit storm you just initiated. There is nothing more frustrating than to be accused of something you haven't done. It's even more frustrating when we find out you are actually the POS that has been lying all along. I'm not sure why people need to pull this manipulation tactic, but it's not acceptable. 

Expect women to get salty when you never seem to have the time to text or call us, but then sit on your phone constantly sending and receiving texts to other people right in front of us. Hello idiot...are you that stupid? How do you avoid your phone getting knocked out of your hand? Stop being rude.

If you want to be hypocritical then don't be shocked when we pull out the bitch card. If you want a day to me, we DON'T need to see your everyday. But if you expect to get time and guys nights, then don't throw it in our face when we ask for the same. This is not a dictatorship and you are not our dad. How do you avoid a fight? Put your foot in your mouth before you yell at your girl for asking for and doing the same thing you are asking for and doing. 

Guys...Don't be late. If you have plans with somebody why is it so hard to be there around the time you say you are? It's called a clock, take a peek at one sometime. It normally takes girls longer to get reay than it does guys. If we can be on time you have no excuse. A few minutes late is hour not so much. How do you avoid the wrath of an annoyed bitch? I don't know one guy who doesn't have a phone....USE IT!

Is there a reason men feel the need to be controlling? We are not your property. If you have a girl with self-esteem and good relationship values then why do you feel the need to interrogate her and try to control what she does and says? Guys tell us all the time we are naive and too trusting. I have no problem kicking the shit out of anyone who steps out of line. Here's a secret... We survived perfectly fine before you came along....we can also survive without you. Stop being insecure. It's not attractive... 

For those single guys...Here is some bar etiquette tips: Don't grab our ass, don't spill your drink on us because you are too drunk to hold it, don't tell us how hot we are after you are 6 drinks deep, you don't need to touch any point, and if you are having a conversation with us you don't need to be 1 inch from our face. It's called personal space, get the hell out of it. If we refuse a drink from you, stop getting so offended. Girls don't like the taste of roofies. If we say actually means NO! When you consistently ask for a phone number or to go on a date and we keep refusing or avoiding the topic, it means we want nothing to do with you and you should probably save yourself some dignity by walking away. Most of the time we give you a fake name and number anyway. If we want to talk to you, you will know. 

So guys...Next time you want to imply that we are all just a bunch of bitches just remember....behind every bitch is a guy that made her that way. 

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